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Weekend Playlist: This Week’s Indie Game Releases - February 25, 2022

The release of the already critically-acclaimed Elden Ring may have kept most indie studios from releasing new titles this week, but the last week of February brings with it a few indie titles that look to be worth checking out this weekend, along with some Early Access releases.

Here are our picks for this week’s indie Weekend Playlist.

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Brendan Keogh's Putting Challenge (PC)

Retro gaming fans will want to be sure to check out Brendan Keogh's Putting Challenge – from developer Brendan Keogh – which is an “open-world golf game about all the parts other golf video games cut out.” The 8-bit gold game features local co-op for up to four players as you navigate ​five different 9-hole courses. Brendan Keogh's Putting Challenge is now available on PC via Steam. The game is also currently 10%-off the regular price on Steam, and 25%-off the DLC bundle featuring a luxury golf cart.

Clouzy! (PC, XBX)

Clouzy! – from developer Tinymoon – takes the award for most wholesome release this week. The life sim sees you raising and taking care of sentient clouds in a game that looks as cozy as it is adorable. Clouzy! is now available on Xbox Series X|S and PC via Steam. The game is also currently 20%-off the regular price on Steam.

The Legends of Tynedale (PC)

Retro-inspired, top-down, action-adventure game The Legends of Tynedale – from developer/publisher Ed Den Gaming – is definitely right up the alley for fans of the original

The Legend of Zelda. You’ll take on the role of Geordie as he conquers complex lock-and-key dungeons, defeats epic bosses, and uncovers the dark truth behind Tynedale. The Legends of Tynedale is now available on PC via Steam.

Finally, here are a few other indie games that are releasing in Early Access or are making their debut on new platforms:

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