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Weekend Playlist: This Week’s Indie Game Releases - January 14, 2022

We’re slowly starting to get back into the regular release routine, with some quirky and innovative indie titles launching that are well worth your time this weekend.

Here are our picks for this week’s indie Weekend Playlist.

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Buck Up And Drive! (PC)

From solo indie developer Fábio Fontes comes Buck Up And Drive! – an endless arcade racer where you control cars that can seemingly do the same kind of tricks that you might expect from Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater. Jump, drift, backflip and grind your way through different levels, or battle it out in the game’s 1v1 fighting mode. The overall gameplay and visuals are extremely reminiscent of Street Skater from the PS1 era, which is 100% a complement. Buck Up And Drive! is available now for PC via Steam and is currently on sale for 20%-off.

Heck Deck (PC, iOS, Android)

Just from the look of it, Heck Deck – from developer torcado – screams “indie game.” It combines the bullet hell genre with a deck building mechanic, along with time only progressing as you move. There is a ton of strategy and dexterity required to make it through the five different stages, each coming with its own music, set of enemies, and bosses. Heck Deck is now available for PC via Steam, as well as on iOS and Android. At $3.99 regularly, the game is already easy on your wallet, but it is currently on sale for 15%-off on Steam.

Rescue Party: Live! (PC)

Rescue Party: Live! – from Tag Studio – is a cooperative adventure for up to four players as you work together during ​​earthquakes, fires, floods, avalanches, and biological hazards to save as many people as you possibly can. The cute design appears to appeal to younger players, making it a great option for a family game night as you play through different levels and challenges. Rescue Party: Live! is now available for PC via Steam.

Finally, here are a few other indie games that are releasing in Early Access or are making their debut on new platforms:

  • Astroneer – Port available now for Nintendo Switch

  • Black One Blood Brothers – Available now for PC via Steam Early Access

  • Mushroom Wars 2 – Port available now on PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S

  • Neko Ghost, Jump! – Available now for PC via Steam Early Access

  • New Home: Medieval Village – Available now for PC via Steam Early Access

  • Super Meat Boy Forever – Port (finally) available now on Steam

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