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Space Survival Game Breathedge Hits Xbox Game Pass This Month

Publisher HypeTrain Digital and indie game developer Redruins Softworks has announced that their ironic space survival-adventure game, Breathedge, will be making its way to Xbox Game Pass on September 9.

Breathedge is a space survival game where you must craft tools and pilot vehicles to survive in the wreckage of your mysterious space crash. The humorous twist of an immortal chicken makes it stand out among other games within the genre, with the game garnering more than 9,000 "Very Positive" player reviews on Steam since its release in February.

With its great-looking art design, in-depth crafting chicken, and (don't forget) its immortal chicken, Breathedge is sure to please fans of the survival genre as the explore the deepest reaches of space as they search for answers.

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